The Vacation Rental Organizer (Book)

Same Great Book, Just New Look! Now you can manage your rental property and keep track of important information all in one place: The Rental Organizer. Specially designed for the needs of vacation property owners, The Rental Organizer is convenient, easy to use and best of all, portable--so your vacation property management can go wherever you go! Track your bookings with the calendar system Manage guest information and phone numbers Log expenses and organize receipts Maintain phone and contact information for maids, maintenance, emergencies and more This unique 144-page organizing system is a must-have for vacation property owners. It's quality, double-O binding is designed for daily use and the 8 1/2 by 11 inch size gives you plenty of room to write. Plus the undated calendar format means you can start using The Rental Organizer today!
The Vacation Rental Organizer (Book)
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