NEW 3rd Edition How To Rent Vacation Properties By Owner (BOOK)

3rd Edition offers Over 50% of the content has been updated and I've added 150 pages of new material! If your dream is to own a vacation home - and not break your bank account - this book is what you've been looking for. Author and speaker Christine Hrib-Karpinski offers you practical, hands on advice, showing you how to do it without property management companies so you can keep 100% of the income. Not only will you have realistic strategies for your renters to pay your mortgage - you'll also enjoy several weeks a year in that little slice of paradise with your friends and family. Discover the secrets of successful vacation home owners: - Choosing the best property for you - Different financing options available - Organizing all rentals, paperwork, money and maintenance - Advertising for quick results - Identifying and avoiding "bad apple" renters - Maintaining your property from a distance - And much more! The concept of Renting by Owner is catching fire throughout the nation. Whether you want a beachside condo in Florida, a ski cabin in Colorado, or anything in between, the answers are all herein this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide. Vacation homes are no longer just for the wealthy. Start enjoying the benefits of your own marvelous home away from home. It can even be a legacy you leave behind for your children. Just make that first move. You'll be amazed by how much potential is within your reach - right now! Bulk Orders are available for up to 50% off. Please contact for pricing.
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NEW 3rd Edition How To Rent Vacation Properties By Owner  (BOOK)
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